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Paying for Performance

The Digital Demand Capture™ service offers both a pay-for-performance and fixed fee model. Here we will discuss how each one works and the pros and cons for each. Pay-For-Performance You are likely familiar with other pay-for-performance offerings like Google’s  pay-per-click model that allows you to pay a set amount for clicks on your AdWords campaigns. Our […]

How much does capturing web leads cost?

Last year I was forced to attend a pretty lame event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apparently I have a deeply rooted loyalty complex for close relatives that invite me to their long awaited wedding. After a seven hour drive in the blistering heat and another two hours standing in the reception line at high noon […]

A Demo of Digital Demand Capture™

Our value proposition is pretty straightforward. We deliver you buyers and provide you all the information you need to connect with them and close them. We call these Sales-Ready Opportunities. Other people call them Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) or Pipelined Opportunities. Call them whatever you want. If you are a marketer, the results are that your […]

Oracle Recognizes Marketing All-Stars at the 2014 Markie Awards

On October 16th in London, England one of our favorite clients was crowned winner of Oracle’s worldwide Markie award for Metrics that Matter. AGCO Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that manufactures and sells agriculture equipment (I’m talking really, really big tractors) around the world. We’d like to relish in their glory for a few minutes because, […]

The Marketing Metrics that Matter

Mark Twain famously said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” In all honesty, I don’t know if Mark Twain said that at all. But that is what I have heard and I have no reason not to believe it so I am repeating it here and potentially perpetuating a lie as […]