Paying for Performance

The Digital Demand Capture™ service offers both a pay-for-performance and fixed fee model. Here we will discuss how each one works and the pros and cons for each.


You are likely familiar with other pay-for-performance offerings like Google’s  pay-per-click model that allows you to pay a set amount for clicks on your AdWords campaigns.

Our performance based model operates in a similar fashion but provides you with even greater control over what “return” you want and how much you are able to invest to get it.  This includes paying a:

  • Flat amount for each lead/opportunity accepted by you
  • Percentage of the actual value of the opportunities accepted by you
  • Percentage of the actual closed value of the opportunities accepted by you

Amounts can also differ based on different types of Leads/Opportunities that are being generated and whether they are captured from your websites or others. A maximum monthly budget can also be set so the results and costs stay within the ranges you need them.

The entire Digital Demand Capture service works off the premise that you are willing to make a certain investment in order to get a desired return. Most importantly, you don’t pay UNTIL AFTER you get the desired result. The “bounty” amount that you pay is then used as investment to fund the efforts to find additional leads/opportunities that you value.  This is why it is very important for you to maximize your investment in relation to the type of return you want. Maximizing investment will maximize results.


  • Guaranteed to get the results you want
  • You get to review each lead/opportunity and accept or decline it
  • You get to determine the amount you are willing to pay for the results you want
  • You get to set your maximum monthly budget


  • Variable cost means you may not spend your budget each month


Fixed Fee

Some of our clients prefer to dedicate a fixed budget for the year. This allows them to pay for the specific and consistent efforts that generate the desired results. Some of these efforts include professional services to design the Digital Demand Capture strategies,  implement and utilize the tools, have conversations with prospective buyers, analyze results and make refinements, provide reporting and analytics.


  • You have guaranteed and consistent efforts on your behalf
  • A consistent budget that will be spent and utilized regardless of the results produced


  • No guarantee on the results that are being produced


Bruce Roberts

Bruce has been in the conversion optimization business for over a decade and an architect of Digital Demand Capture scenarios since 2010. His clients have consistently doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled the results from their marketing campaigns using the Digital Demand Capture™ service. When not improving conversions, Bruce likes to throw his body from planes. Visit to learn more about Digital Demand Capture.

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