Conversion optimization.. More Than Just Rolling The Dice

Customers often come to us here at Lead Anywhere ready to propel their business to the next level. One of the first questions we ask a prospective client is “Do you have any idea what kind of demand exists for products like yours, if so, where is that demand going to buy today and how are you getting your message in front of them?” Ahh yes, a very good question indeed and an important one too for anyone that is looking to use Lead Anywhere’s Digital Demand Capture service.

A couple of days ago my wife and I decided to resurrect an old board game from the bottom of our long forgotten game box in the basement. Monopoly was a passion of mine growing up, I loved to play it! I remember playing monopoly to pass the time on Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Day, and other family gatherings. To me, monopoly was a game that required real strategy (sorry chess…), people skills, negotiating skills, little bit of luck, and above all, an executed game plan.

We blew the dust off the box and unveiled the small aluminum game pieces, game board, cards, and all the little plastic houses. I couldn’t wait to indulge myself in a heated game of monopoly with my somewhat unsuspecting wife. She didn’t know I was once the head master of the Monopoly Club in pre-school and elementary, but that’s okay, she didn’t need to know those details… just yet. After the musty odor of old cardboard settled, I generously allowed her to roll the dice and take the first turn.

To make a very short story even shorter, I had never in my life seen or heard of someone losing a game of Monopoly in such a short period of time. I mean, I was out of practice, I get that, but to lose a game of Monopoly to my wife that quickly was humiliating. After I had some time to reflect on the financial bloodshed that just took place, I came to a conclusion on what I had just done wrong:

  • I never had a game plan before we started and ended up making poor choices during the game as a result.
  • When trying to negotiate trades, I focused more on why I needed the trade to happen and not how it could benefit my wife.
  • I was focused more on short term cash than in long term investments

To get a better understanding if you are ready for the Digital Demand Capture service I’d like to reference the hard lessons I learned during the recent Monopoly massacre.

  • What’s your marketing plan?
    • Without a plan it’s hard to determine the objectives, and without objectives it impossible to define success. Since Lead Anywhere’s core focus is on success we like to work with clients that have an established marketing plan and know what they want to achieve.
  • Do you have an established product/service that offers value to your customers?
    • We live in a world where customers demand value. If value isn’t what customers get, they quickly rid themselves of the offering and likely influence others away from it as well. We like to work with clients who have current happy customers that experience all kinds of value.
  • Are you currently making the investments necessary to accomplish your objectives?
    • Plans are great, but not effective if not followed and executed on. There needs to be demand for your product/service in order for us to capture it. Our typical client is investing thousands of dollars on a monthly basis to drive demand for their solution.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then WE NEED TO TALK! Digital Demand Capture is an area where investment should be directed in order to capture more of the demand you’re currently generating. On average marketing spend represents 11% of your company’s revenue (CMO Council), yet we only see average conversion rates of 3-9% (MarketingSherpa). We need to plug the gaping hole in the marketing funnel to bring more ROI to your marketing investments.

Remember, if you’re going to play the game then you need to do more than just roll the dice….

Happy playing!