A Demo of Digital Demand Capture™

demo2Our value proposition is pretty straightforward. We deliver you buyers and provide you all the information you need to connect with them and close them. We call these Sales-Ready Opportunities. Other people call them Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) or Pipelined Opportunities. Call them whatever you want. If you are a marketer, the results are that your campaigns will generate twice the number of leads that become buyers. If you are on the sales side, you will be closing twice the number of deals from the leads you are provided. People like that idea. So much so, we have yet to be fired by a client. And we are working hard to continue in that direction.

One of the top questions that comes up with prospective clients is how we are able to produce such high quality leads and opportunities. The short answer is that while your marketing campaigns are doing a great job of generating demand, your websites are doing a terrible job of capturing it. We solve that.

Our Digital Demand Capture service integrates with online sites and media (including your own websites) and finds potential buyers as they are actively researching. It identifies these buyers from all the other traffic and dynamically adjusts content to introduce compelling calls-to-action that motivate and funnel them into a conversation with one of our human experts. These conversations can occur via chat, email, the telephone, and even text messaging. But the point is, these dialogues are the critical piece to understanding what (if any) opportunity really exists and the motivations and objections critical to helping a salesperson close the sale. These buyer narratives provide all the critical context that is missing from nearly every other lead generation source.

We successfully use Digital Demand Capture in our own marketing efforts and so I’ve prepared a couple of demos that you can view that actually dissect what is going on and shows you step by step the content that is being changed based on what is being learned about the prospective buyer.

oracle Eloqua/Oracle Marketing Cloud Demo

As an Oracle Marketing Cloud Partner, we have various marketing campaigns targeted to Eloqua users. This demo will show you how Digital Demand Capture works with that audience in mind.



amy Double your Pleasure Demo

We run a lot of different digital campaigns like this that highlight a particular client and how we’ve doubled the number of leads that become buyers. This demo will show you how Digital Demand Capture works with that audience in mind.

Bruce Roberts

Bruce has been in the conversion optimization business for over a decade and an architect of Digital Demand Capture scenarios since 2010. His clients have consistently doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled the results from their marketing campaigns using the Digital Demand Capture™ service. When not improving conversions, Bruce likes to throw his body from planes. Visit www.leadanywhere.com to learn more about Digital Demand Capture.

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