Why you really do want us talking to your prospective customers

My brother is a Doctor. When we get together, he loves to share stories about what he encounters on a daily basis. He loves it because with the right story he can literally get me down the path to fainting. Yes, I’m that squeamish. At the same time, there are other stories that have me amazed or at least amused. These usually involve an object being removed from an orifice it was never intended for. I always feel better about myself after hearing these stories.

The interesting thing is that many of the stories have him nowhere to be found while a nurse or medical assistant is the one  getting their hands dirty (and I do mean that literally). Make no mistake, these men and women are acting under his direction and ultimately he is responsible for the outcome but he has complete trust in their ability to facilitate and take care of much of the patient’s needs and get him involved at the appropriate time.

Our clients have recognized that the same is true with Digital Demand Capture. We aren’t the experts that create the proposals and ultimately sell your products and services. You are. We are the experts that can take a prospective buyer that is otherwise ready to leave your website and motivate them to stay and have a conversation with us. We do this by aligning with their unique motivations and offering them something they value. It may be a very specific case-study, a white-paper around the specific problem they are looking to solve, facilitating getting a demo setup, or sharing details on the latest financing options. We facilitate sharing this value and building persuasive momentum while simultaneously capturing the demand and details of the opportunity that exists. And of course with that done, the final part is continuing the buying progression by putting the opportunity into the hands of your sales team who can get the deal closed.