How do I budget for Digital Demand Capture?

A couple months ago I broke down and decided it was time to swap out an old truck that was turning into a maintenance nightmare for a newer vehicle that not only would possess less problems, but also accommodate the needs of a growing family. Up to that point I had owned trucks for my entire life, but with two young kids of my own and two more whom our family tends on a regular basis, we needed something that would hold more people than “important stuff”.

For some reason the thought of pulling up to the local nursery and not being able to have a skid loader dump a load of top soil in the back or doing a little “off the pavement driving once in a while” struck a very deep cord in my soul. I mean… that’s all I ever knew.

However, I was willing to compromise for the greater good of the family. So I thought, might as well look at an SUV right! Still can do some “off the pavement driving” and can easily get a utility trailer that can haul more of my “important stuff”. As we started looking at SUV’s I realized there was a myriad of options. I knew I needed something with 4 doors, but did I need a V8 really, or was a V6 sufficient? What about drivetrain …. two wheel drive (2WD) with traction control, All wheel drive (AWD), or four wheel drive (4WD)

We narrowed it down to a select few makes and models, but I was still stuck on which drivetrain I wanted. Ultimately we decided on an SUV that had all options.  We could set the drivetrain to 2WD, AWD, or “Lock” in 4WD when necessary.  I did however learn a lot about AWD vehicles in the process.

AWD is pretty cool, the vehicle intelligently recognizes which wheel needs the horsepower and distributes that power accordingly. AWD is a nice option if you want great flexibility to get you out of a sticky (or a literal lack thereof) situation.

Ironically, the above example is how quite a few of our clients operate and organize the costs of Digital Demand Capture. Think of your overall organization as the vehicle, Digital Demand Capture as the lead generation engine, and different budgets as the wheels. There are a lot of marketing/sales budgets that receive value from the “horsepower” Digital Demand Capture produces:

  • Demand Generation Budget
  • Web Development/Optimization Budget
  • Marketing Campaign Budget
  • Event Budget
  • Channel Sales Budget
  • Direct Sales Budget
  • Vendor Budget

Like the AWD system in an SUV, Digital Demand Capture is intelligent enough to identify where opportunities are generated from and how the cost of those opportunities should be allocated to different budgets. That being said, think to yourself for a moment if you’ve got any “wheels” that are helplessly spinning. If so, you’re wasting valuable resources that could be sent to Digital Demand Capture where we’ve already got a lot of traction and can get your vehicle moving again.